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Flexibles Verschiebung auf Schirm-Steuerkontrastmittel-Injektor

Flexibles Verschiebung auf Schirm-Steuerkontrastmittel-Injektor

    • Flexible Move On Screen Control Contrast Media Injector
  • Flexible Move On Screen Control Contrast Media Injector


    Herkunftsort: CHINA
    Markenname: Kenid
    Zertifizierung: CE
    Modellnummer: C22

    Zahlung und Versand AGB:

    Min Bestellmenge: 1 Satz
    Preis: $8690 per set
    Lieferzeit: 15days
    Zahlungsbedingungen: L/C, T/T
    Versorgungsmaterial-Fähigkeit: 50000 Sätze pro Monat
    Ausführliche Produkt-Beschreibung
    Name: Doppelte Spritze CT-Hochdruckspritze Steuerung: Bildschirmsteuerung
    Bewegung: flexible Bewegung

    2 Spritze Kontrastmittel-Injektor


    Flexibler Bewegungs-Kontrastmittel-Injektor

    Product Usage
    It is used to inject contrast agent, saline or drugs during CT enhanced scanning
    Precisely control the injection speed and dose
    Remote control push injection to reduce harmful radiation to the operator
    Make sure to exhaust air before pushing
    Easy to use
    Large true color display screen, graphical and text interface is intuitive and eye-catching
    On-screen control is straightforward and simple
    The rack can be moved flexibly and placed in the most suitable position
    The application of brine beam technology has a very significant effect
    Improve the density of the enhancer to make the enhancement signal stronger, which can reduce the bolus dose, save the contrast agent and reduce the patient's intake
    Reduce artifacts and provide more realistic images
    Contrast agents in extension tubes and blood vessels are used


    Technical Parameter
    Power requirements: AC 198~242V, frequency 50/60Hz, 200VA
    Pressure limit: 50~350psi (345~2415kPa), step size 1psi (1kPa)
    Injection rate: 0.1~10.0ml/sec., step length 0.1ml/sec
    Syringe: 200ml disposable syringe
    Injection dose: 0.1ml ~ syringe volume





    Shenzhen Kenid Medical Devices CO.,LTD

    Ansprechpartner: Shelly Wang

    Telefon: +8618211344380

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